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A Brief History of Lomo

A Brief History of Lomo In the year 2000, when internet shopping was still in the fledgling stages, not many people were selling Watersports gear through a website.

At that time we focused on selling wetsuits online and decided that a direct sales approach would best suit us. Avoiding traditional distribution and retailing would allow us to sell our products at a much lower cost than would otherwise be possible.

We initially launched with three products; the 1st version of our Hurricane wetsuit, neoprene gloves and a wetsuit bootie.

Back then, everything had the letter 'e' tagged on; E-commerce, E-Business, E-Books -so we decided our website should be named ewetsuits.com. That doesn't quit fit as well anymore as we now have several hundred different products and only around 10% of them are actually wetsuits!

With so many people who know our site and many other websites that link to it, we have kept the website name along with our more predictable lomo.co.uk domain name.

With our background in manufacturing, from outset we saw the world had changed from being a place where manufacturers had their own factories to one where most manufacturing is outsourced to specialist companies for each different product type.

We knew this strategy was right for us as it allowed us to use the same production line techniques and high value equipment as companies 100 times our size. The cost of setting up a factory would no longer be a barrier to producing world class products that rival huge brands.

From 2005 through to 2010, this period saw us grow and our range of kayaking gear began to expand. Dry bags started to become a key product line for us and the main sports we were supporting were; sailing, kayaking, diving and outdoor centre equipment.

With the introduction of a range of drysuits, this took us to a new level in product design and brought another new group of customers to us.

In 2007 we moved from our small retail store in Glasgow's West End to a large warehouse building in Hydepark Street . This meant we could bring warehousing and sales under one roof and the new building allowed us to expand our repair facilities and prototype workshop.

Our product lines continued to expand and we started to cover a wider range of sports including triathlon and motorcycling. These began to play a larger part in our product line and many new products were launched for these markets including specialised wetsuits and motorcycle dry bags.

We also continued with our ever expanding range for our traditional Watersports markets and had continued success in numerous industry awards which highlighted our 'best value' approach to product development.

In 2013 we won the Ride Magazine 'Best Motorcycle Rucksack' award, much to the annoyance of several big players in our sector. Our 30L Dry Bag Daysack which won this award continues to be a top seller today.

In 2013 it was time for us to move again but this time we didn’t have to move too far. We had outgrown the warehouse and by good fortune the warehouse next door was vacant and at double the size, it was just what we needed.

In January 2014 we moved into 11,000 Sq ft of warehouse at 96 Hydepark Street, Glasgow. The new premises were split into warehouse, office, outlet store and workshop. Each department had much more space than before and we installed improved drysuit testing facilities and broadened the range of prototyping and wetsuit repair equipment available to our technicians.

It was around this time that we started developing our range of sunglasses. We had noticed a gap in the market for floating sunglasses. There was a vast range of expensive sports sunglasses but not a lot were designed with Watersports in mind.

We knew the key to designing sunglasses that would float would be to use high quality, lightweight materials so they would be buoyant. Polarised lenses were a must and the lenses we use are UV400 rated for protection against UVA & UVB rays.

The first design we produced was our Cruiser Floating Sunglasses. We went for a wrap around style as this profile is great for sports because they perform well with head movement and stop light getting in from the sides.

We used high quality, soft material on the legs and nose-bridge of the Cruisers to maximise their comfort. The polarised lenses help reduce glare reflected from the sea and they can also be worn when driving to help reduce the glare from a wet road.

We also designed the Cruiser floating sunglasses with small holes in the leg ends so that a cord can be threaded through them, if our customers require this.

On top of all of these great design choices, we of course made sure that they floated. By making from lightweight materials, they weigh in at only 30 grams! This means they are comfortable to wear and most importantly, they’re buoyant.

Now if your sunglasses accidentally fall into the water, they will float on the surface able to be retrieved. You no longer have to watch your sunglasses sink to the bottom of the sea because of a sudden head movement. Also, having to spend the rest of the trip straining your eyes in the sunlight is no fun at all.

Having designed the Cruiser floating sunglasses and in true Lomo fashion, we couldn’t simply stop there. Onwards we went and designed more styles of floating sunglasses, for all the different personalities that shop with us.

With 4 different styles of floating sunglasses available, we feel that we have a style of sunglasses to suit almost everyone. All of our different styles float, look brilliant and perform great.

Their lightweight construction means that they are comfortable to wear and they all come with a neat carry bag which can be used as a cleaning cloth for the lenses.

With so many diverse product ranges on our main website, our floating sunglasses range needed a place of their own to show off their features. We decided to dedicate this website to them so we could go into detail about their design, features and construction.

A lot of thought and passion went into the creation of our floating sunglasses range and hopefully this is reflected in the end product. Feel free to browse through our sunglasses collection, safe in the knowledge that if your Lomo sunglasses accidentally fall into the water, they’ll be floating on the surface waiting for you to rescue them.