High quality floating sunglasses. These sunglasses have polarised lenses that help reduce glare reflected from the sea or even a wet road. They are extremely light which make them extremely comfortable to wear and incorporate a soft nose bridge. The lightweight floating frames make these glasses popular with sailors and kayakers who frequesntly lose their glasses overboard.
  • Soft nose bridge
  • Polarised lenses
  • Wrap around style
  • UV400 rated for protection against UVA & UVB rays
  • Small holes in leg ends to take a cord if required.

Price: £10.00

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Our Turbo floating sunglasses are made from high quality, lightweight moulded plastic and we incorporated a soft nose bridge into their design to make them extremely comfortable to wear.

Featuring Category 3 polarised lenses, our Turbo sunglasses offer UV400 protection against UVA & UVB rays. They feature a blue tint coating on the inside of the lenses which helps to reduce glare reflected from the sea or even from a wet road.

The Turbo sunglasses are glossy black in colour and have a red mirrored coating on the outside of the lenses. This combines to make our Turbo sunglasses a very stylish pair of floating sunglasses that are popular with kayakers, sailors and pleasure boaters.

The wrap around style of the Turbo sunglasses give great protection as they cover more of your eyes, so there is less chance of sunlight, wind and pollen getting into them.

The legs of the Turbo also feature soft grips where they make contact with the ears to improve their comfort and hold on the head.

As with all of our floating sunglasses, the Turbo sunglasses come with a microfibre soft cloth cleaning and storage bag included. This is so you can easily clean and store the Turbo floating sunglasses when not in use.

The “floating” feature gives the wearer great peace of mind that if the Turbo sunglasses accidentally fall off into the water, they can be retrieved. This means you won’t be without your sunglasses for long and you won’t have to buy another pair.

Our Turbo floating sunglasses were designed to compete with similar products that can cost over twice price and when you compare the quality of materials used, plus their performance and features, we’re sure that you’ll see that our Turbo sunglasses represent phenomenal value for money.

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